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Komagata Maru - Continuing the Journey

Komagata Maru - Continuing the Journey

In the early hours of Saturday, 23 May, 1914, the Komagata Maru anchored on the far side of the Burrard Inlet, opposite Vancouver. At dawn the passengers were out on deck with tree-covered mountains rising behind them and the city across the water in front. They were dressed in their best with their bags packed, ready to go ashore.


The story of the Komagata Maru resonates beyond 1914, linking to freedom movements in India and the right to vote for South Asians in Canada. It addresses how we build communities, understand official multiculturalism, how we remember our past and develop multiple connections. Here you will find collected for the first time rare government documents, newspaper articles, academic texts, videos....and even a diary.


For more information about this collection, including an interactive timeline and contextual access to items, visit the Komagata Maru : Continuing the Journey website.


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