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On this day, August 17

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The following items were originally published or created on August 17 over the years. They are presented here as a type of "timeline" showcasing content in our digital collections.
[William C. Hopkinson, Immigration Inspector, to William W. Cory, Deputy Minister of the Interior] (1909)
"... then she brought up the argument of tradition, and social prestige ..." (1960)
"Why all the fuss ... if we're going to remake the downtown area anyway." (1963)
Planet Earth on fire (1972)
"Say, you're right -- you can hear the roar of the oil tankers..." (1973)
PNE floats - UFAWU [United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union] and Peace Council (1974)
"Honey ... the consensus is that Mr. Trudeau won't appreciate your quick method of eliminating that $2 billion worth of bureaucratic waste." (1978)
Rock against Radiation (1979)
General Farm & Allied Workers Union Newsletter - Farmworkers' Voice Vol.1 No.2 (1980)
Forssell's Greenhouses - Return of Poll (1980)
Operation Solidarity Recommendations (1983)
So as not to ride 'unity train' Bouchard to take alternate transportation to Jasper premiers' conference. (1996)
Torpedoed - And it came from Ottawa! (1997)
"...It was the Viagra." (1998)
"O.K. with our travel budget for this winter, here's what we can afford... Option one: Fly to Vegas, two nights, air and hotel, then fly to Gstaad Switzerland, air, hotel and lift tickets, then on to [...] (1999)
Canadian forces truck caught smuggling pot into U.S. "That's incredible! That they were smuggling marijuana?" "That the truck didn't break down before it reached the border." (2000)
Edna's Pies "The prime minister is in town today." (2000)
World's Best Hat Store (2001)
Stephen Harper's big problem ... (2001)
"And they said it would be lonely at the top!" (2001)
Homemaker's with far too little time. "Hot dog ... bowl of chowder and those left-overs from last night ... got it." (2002)
"We'll have to wait for backup " OTTAWA BUREAUCRACY (QUIET PLEASE) (2002)
"We're THAT desperate" (2004)
PHARMAPHYXUS God of the Phantom Drug. "Winning isn't everything urinalysis is." (2004)
"Good evening - the stock market crashed today!" "Panic and pandemonium reined supreme as the Dow quickly plummeted." "Vast fortunes have been lost and financial empires wiped out!" CBC lock-out "Are [...] (2005)
"Good news: More MLAs" "Bad news: More MLAs" (2007)
"This is what it's all about, son! Highrises! Ecodensity!" "We're a world-class city, pop!" (2007)
Why We Stink Why are Canada's Olympians now poised to be even rottener that Athens in '04? "As role models we don't want to promote showoff-iness in children." "We lack the vast resources and support [...] (2008)
Olympic Snapshots Canada's finally bagged some medals - in wrestling and rowing - a good omen as we head into today's big event: Canoe Boxing. Music mogul Bruce Allen hopes to restore the self [...] (2008)
Most popular on the PNE midway "The deputy minister dunk tank!" (2008)
"Just to be safe I'm putting you on waiting lists for an MRI, hip replacement, and cataract surgery" (2009)
Modified salute for Red State Americans... recognition of the Republican Presidential ticket. (2012)