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On this day, January 21

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The following items were originally published or created on January 21 over the years. They are presented here as a type of "timeline" showcasing content in our digital collections.
[J. H. MacGill, Immigration Agent, to William W. Cory, Deputy Minister of the Interior. Copy] (1909)
[J. H. MacGill, Immigration Agent, to William W. Cory, Deputy Minister of the Interior. Copy] (1909)
Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C. (1909)
[Statements by Balwant Singh and Kartar Kor] (1911)
[Lewis Harcourt, Secretary of State for the Colonies, to Governor General, H. R. H. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, London, re replacement of Hopkinson] (1915)
Toronto Lowdown (1950)
Fine Bawdy House Keeper $300 or 40 Days Despite a Lengthy Previous Record (1961)
Lowdown (1961)
"Excuse me while I remove a small listening device which picks up all conversations and plays them back later ..." (1967)
PIZZA RESTAURANT EVICTS CUSTOMERS BECAUSE OF LONG HAIR "Now, before we can deliver your order I need your name, address, and hair length!" (1970)
"Do you have anything that will make a person high strung and nervous?" (1974)
"Then I said to myself ... if there is one person who would know how to get that oil out of those tar sands ..." (1975)
"... Reggie always worries when they make someone the most powerful man in the world who's never done that kind of work before." (1977)
"NOW they talk of easy divorce ... at the last game of the football season." (1984)
CITR Shindig (1985)
"There's a Harcourt speech on tonight...about the state of the economy, fiscal restraint, cutbacks etc..." "That's the problem with TV... Too many reruns." (1993)
Military land mines (1997)
"Hospital beds for everybody!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!!" "It's an election..." (1997)
"Churchill Falls power contract" Lucien tells a Newfie joke (1997)
"Wouldn't you know it, just when I invite everyone over for a fish fry..." (1998)
News item: British Columbians are spending more on booze than in any other province "Gee... I wonder why?" (1998)
"The three fast ferries will cost $210 million... Including the toilet paper!" (1999)
"The Watson account?...Yes, I'm working on that as we speak. In fact, I'm so swamped in paperwork, I just can't spare the time to chat. -Bye!" "And a special thank-you to whoever invented cellular phones and call forwarding." (2000)
"Chief? We've located Jimmy the Weasel. He's holed up in a downtown hotel room." "So why aren't you in there arresting him?" "He's smoking." (2000)
"Hey mahguess what? I got a good shot at being a professional model! I could be on posters all over the country!" "That's great! When will this happen?" "'Bout twenty years." (2000)
"Someday son, all this will be yours." (2000)
"Humorous references to lesbian folk-dancing Black woman stutterers have no place in our newscastWe prefer to leave that for prime-time." (2000)
(no text) (2001)
"One minute - I had a job, a career, a future. The next minute - nothing" "Public sector? Black Thursday?" "Private sector. Black 2001." (2002)
"For the sake of global peace it's imperative we track down and dispose of every weapon of mass destruction." "Sorry George, you gotta go." (2003)
"Got any coal-fired pencils?" (2003)
Snow shovel Paddle (2005)
Hungarian interview - Maria Sauerwald (2006)
"Happy 150th BC" (2008)