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On this day, August 16

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The following items were originally published or created on August 16 over the years. They are presented here as a type of "timeline" showcasing content in our digital collections.
Letter of Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia to Descartes of 1645-08-16 (1645)
[A. S. Munro, Immigration Agent, Vancouver, to William D. Scott, Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa] (1906)
Newsclipping - Vancouver News-Advertiser: Sounds note of warning (1907)
Newsclipping - Vancouver News-Advertiser: Look into Jap question (1907)
Cordova Street looking west, Vancouver, B.C. (1907)
Toronto Lowdown (1952)
Notorious Walsingham Hotel Scene of Assault on Woman; Night Clerk Refused to Help (1958)
Lowdown (1958)
"... the rule is i before e except after c ... but seized is an exception and you should know it by now ..." (1960)
"We need more youth hostels." "We need more money for the farmers." "We need more sports and recreation centres." "We need more taxpayers." (1971)
"I can think of a better use for the third prong than an increase in the staff of the Food Prices Review Board ..." (1973)
"Look here, Pierre...! ...There -- I did my duty." (1973)
Greece/Turkey tanks over crumbling NATO (1974)
Hungarian interview - Leslie Endes (1978)
Raj Chouhan's Speech at the IPANA Convention, New York (1980)
Equality for Farmworkers Public Meeting Leaflet (1981)
Bev. Davies (1982)
Mushroom Organizing Drive notes (1982)
(no text) (1990)
"Heil CSIS!" (1994)
Rabid bats taking over Okanagan - BC REFORM (1995)
On the 3rd day, God created trees. On the 4th day, some idiot walked into it. On the 5th day, God was slapped with a frivolous lawsuit for reckless negligence. (1998)
"Anything new?" "Absolutely nothing" (1999)
"Your theory on substances added to officer Stopford's coffee warrants the question: What exactly are you guys putting in your coffee?" (1999)
Canadian forces truck caught smuggling pot into U.S. "That's incredible!" "That they were smuggling marijuana?" "That the truck didn't break down before it reached the border." (2000)
Why B.C. ferries is removing video games that feature guns: "O.K. Tell me what that yellow goo is in the sunshine breakfast!" Alien blaster! (2000)
"Air?" "Black." "Air?" "Brown." "Air?" "Blue." AIR CARE $48 INCREASE JAN. 2 (2000)
Sheila Copps was not improving her changes of becoming the next P.M. ... "Office of the lame duck Prime Minister ... hold on for Mister Quack Quack." (2001)
Q: WHY IS ELVIS LIKE THE CANADIAN DOLLAR? A: Both are dead, yet retain monetary value. Elvis earned $37-million U.S. last year. The loonie still hovers around 63 cents U.S. (2002)
"It had extra postage on it so I walked it a couple of times around the block!" (2003)
"In preparation for landing, passengers are requested to bring their seatbacks to the full and upright position, and to assume the required counter-terrorist posture." "The Captain and crew of [...] (2003)
If he'd governed in ancient Greece... "Democracy sucks..." (2004)
Our jury system (2005)
Sketchbook Survey There's been some controversy about the new Governor General, former CBC host and journalist Michaelle Jean. After claims that she and her husband supported Quebec independence. What do you think of her appointment? (2005)
(no text) (2007)