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TechBC Memory Project

Tech BC Memory Project

The TechBC Memory Project is a collection of thirty interviews that documents the experiences and reflections of the community of the Technical University of British Columbia in Surrey, British Columbia. This public university was established by the Mike Harcourt New Democratic Party government and operated within the Surrey Place Mall from 1999 to 2002. TechBC was innovative in its multidisciplinary approach and use of educational technology in teaching and learning. The government changed in May 2001, and in February 2002, the BC Liberals announced that TechBC would be shut down as a standalone institution and would become a branch campus of Simon Fraser University.

Each item in this collection includes the audio of the interview with enhanced indexing and the ability to navigate to specific times during the conversation, a metadata tab which provides additional information about the interview and the interviewee, and a third tab with the full transcript. Full details regarding the project have been documented in The TechBC Memory Project: From Summit to Digitized Collections.